Dr. Cozamanis

Delaware Chiropractor Dr Damon CozamanisDr. Damon Cozamanis is an accomplished and compassionate chiropractor who is dedicated to helping his patients achieve and maintain optimal levels of health and well being.

Born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, Dr. Cozamanis majored in Nutritional Science while attending the University of Delaware in 1992. He then went on to study Chiropractic at Life University in Marietta, GA, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude and was a member of the prestigious National Dean’s List. In 1999, he returned to Delaware to open his first chiropractic office in North Wilmington.

As a chiropractor and proponent of health and wellness, he believes strongly in treating the whole person, taking into account all aspects (structural, biochemical & emotional) of one’s health condition. He takes the time to listen and thoroughly address the needs of those who seek his help, and believes that educating the patient in all aspects of their specific condition is important in achieving long-term, successful results.

Dr. Cozamanis continues to obtain post-graduate education on an annual basis to keep up with the latest information and advances in the profession.

Away from the office, Dr. Cozamanis is an avid fitness enthusiast. In 1998, he was voted one of the three most fit males in Atlanta, Georgia by Atlanta Sports & Fitness Magazine. He recently wrote and published his first book titled “Longevity Made Easy.” This groundbreaking book provides you with everything you need to improve your health and maximize your chances of living 100 or more years. He also enjoys spending time at the Jersey Shore with his family and friends and is an accomplished DJ.

Longevity Made Easy

DE Chiropractor Dr CozamanisIf you’re like most health-conscious individuals today, you are constantly searching for better ways to improve your health and increase your odds of living a long and active life. As you have probably discovered, there is no shortage of how-to health books on the market, many of which offer counter-intuitive or contradictory advice. How can you possibly make sense of everything you see and hear?

Longevity Made Easy explains in simple terms what it really takes to improve your health and extend your life, regardless of whether you have inherited “good” or “bad” genes. This groundbreaking book translates cutting-edge anti-aging advances into a practical, easy-to-use program that will supercharge your body’s natural defense systems and maximize your chances of living not only a long life – but a healthy and vibrant one.

To learn more about Dr. Damon’s longevity plan, or to order your copy of his book today, click the image of the book.

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